Sunday, February 20, 2011

A beautiful day!

Warangal district in Andhra Pradesh is not known for the good of its climate. On the contrary it's known for scorching heat and dry summers. Once, one of my senior professor who has been a resident of Warangal since a long time commented, "There is summer and hot summer in Warangal!". That was quite true until last year.

As much as people are revolting against corrupted regimes this year, the climate has seen a drastic change since the mid of last year. There has been deluges and cyclones of magnitude not known till now in Australia, and massive downpour that caused massive landslides in one of Brazil's most populated area, Rio De Janeiro. And someone told the news that 'The Global Warming' is all a misunderstanding, and it's part of a natural cycle. I hope that is true, if so, what are we facing now a glacial era? It reminds me the scenes from the movie 'Day After Tomorrow'. And just like the movie, there has been drastic climatic changes. Beside the above mentioned, most of the cold states in US faced extreme winters, with thick layers of snow covering the roads and even cars, it's that thick! Moreover, arid deserts like Saudi Arabia received heavy rainfall consistently for two seasons, very odd! For the last 12 or so odd years I have lived in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), very rarely it rained, that too just enough to wet the roads and roof tops, but certainly not enough to flood an entire valley and cause the death of more than hundred people within two days.

This new change in climate world wide has brought some most desired changes to the climate of Warangal. Between, most of us here in NITW, pronounce Warngal as War-angle or War-n-gal :D. The climate has been mild and at times even cold, dropping to single digit on Celsius scale. At times raining heavily and other wise giving a pleasant climate. Today has been one such day. Since morning, the wind blew moderately and since noon, it's cloudy and windy. As with the people, the nature is too picking up new trends!

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