Thursday, December 11, 2008

--Funny-- ?? Hot DOG!!!

When i wanted to visit the fedora official site to check about latest release, i simply typed presuming that would be the address. It's how often the URL of open source projects. But i had a surprise. This is what i found. See for yourself by visiting their site. :-)


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

--New Blog--

I think i should leave this place only for personal blog posts. So i opened a new blog for all my technology and software related posts. Check it out and i would appreciate any comments you have about my posts. A blog is very boring without any interactions. :-)

Take a look at this new blog: "techtuxtracker"--- That's me :-)'

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

--Technology/Software-- Songbird

Who doesn't love firefox? Every one does , right? Yes I do anyway. So what does it had to with songbird? or "what is it?".
It's a new "mozilla powered" "open source" "fully customizable" music player and manager. I just downloaded it from their site. I still have to explore it know what all it offers.
Its interface more or less is a combination of Winamp and iTunes. At least the default interface is so.
But it is "fully customizable" with so many "add-ons" available at their site. It means that you can have your own interface where you have full control , such as you can choose the layout of the display content, choose the theme what the songbird call as "feather" and even you can change those small displays that comes when the track changes.
Provides iPod device support and other similar devices.
It also has a good inbuilt browser which more or less works like an ordinary browser or may be better than IE. :-). You can bookmark and pages open as a "tabs".

What everyone would love is the "SHOUTcast" audio which features radio stations from around the world. Ah yes I found two Bollywood stations too. And it was not broadcasting the good old "golden age music". Way to go 'Desi's'.

It supports add-ons. You know what it means, if you have used firefox. Already it have some add-ons:
Lyric master: which shows the lyrics for the track you are listening to (WOW!).
Media Flow: displays the album cover picture like in iTunes and iPhone (its where it started).
integrated with: , mashTape and other websites.
and many more.

The only disadvantage so far is that it doesn't support video playback or podcast. The site says these features are on its way. And I hope it does come real soon.

PS: For video playback VLC rocks! & if the file is corrupted , no player can do it better than 'media player classic'.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The results are out:

Computer Science 2nd yr I semester, guys check here.

Check the official site:

If the official doesn't work check the nitwitian blog ( I think it's by Gaurav Sharma ).

Wish you all the best !

"A Billion Hands - Join the fight against terrorism "

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus / Victoria Terminus (old name)

Mumbai water front: India Gate & Taj Mahal Hotel

If we have confident in ourselves and if we stand strong no country , organization or individual can create trouble for us. No terrorist will dare to enter our country. So what we need is unity and end all type of mistrust between ourselves.

We are 1BILLION+ population , its a big family, so there will be 1BILLION++ opinions.
But when it come to our family's integrity and security we should keep away our differences whether it be political , religious , caste or regional.
Politicians should stop "fishing in muddy water". They should keep the interest of the people at heart. And we should keep such unscrupulous scoundrel at bay. Such people where present when India struggled for independence and they will remain to exist. People should be able to recognize them and avoid their traps.

Under such situation, as we are in , we should identify our self as "Indian", nothing less , nothing more. We should always keep in mind ours' is a "unity in diversity". And should never forget the values and virtues that were taught to us by the father of our nation.
This is more familiar to Non Residential Indians. As we, outside our country, are nothing but Indians. We do not consider or care about the differences. We depend on our little Indian community for our social and personal life.

The reason why I thought of such a discussion was that i received a mail in my account.
It is here for everyone to read and promote all good cause.
Dear Friend,

It is time to act, and here we present a platform for change, a platform for us to come together and express some of the anger and anguish we felt over the last few days. Express some of the frustration and helplessness that we felt. And above all, a neutral platform for us to debate how each one of us can make a difference to this effect. Come, join hands at , an initiative from Network18 that pledges to root out terror. And to ensure that these horrors don't get lost in endless political debates, and eventually forgotten. Please help spread the word, forward this to all your friends, and your family. It'll also be nice if you can change your profile status to "I have joined ". Ian Anderson & Anoushka Shankar have graciously joined us in the movement against terror, and are holding a "Billion hands" concert 0n Dec 5th in Mumbai. You can buy tickets for the concert on the site. The proceeds of this will go directly to a charity.

Peace and Love

Let's hold our hands together and stand robust against the enemies of, our country and the humanity!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Some pics I took while I was at Hyderabad airport.

Me at the waiting lounge. All alone? ofcourse not there
is the photographer!

Infront of the "Hard Rock Bar".

Just the "Hard Rock Bar"

Well you might be asking what this has to do with Rajiv Gandhi Airport , Hyderabad, India. Just that the photo was taken from inside the waiting lounge where there is a "Hard Rock Bar" and these instruments are supposed to be used by "Hard Rock artists". I wonder if they are original. They have made a "Rock Museum" over there.

The begining one are from the band "Megadeth" . I'm not femiliar with such bands. Google it if you want.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My first NIT-dayzz

It was in this month last year I first stepped in Warangal. Each one of us, had our expectations shattered, when we saw the campus; both above and below expectation cases were there.
I came to know latter that most of them expected a better campus and facility than what they found over there. In contrast to this, I was quiet astonished to find the campus that was far better than what I had expected. 
The reason for lower expectation was that I expected government colleges to have very old facilities and mostly are built in the centre of a jungle. As to the second part it was mostly true. It is a jungle alright!
But sometime jungles could be entertaining too. For example I went to IIT-Madras campus two years ago.. and yes it's also a jungle and what to say, it even has peacocks , deers and yes monkeys (no I'm not referring to homo sapiens , the real monkeys ... dunno its scientific name) too roaming around...
But that is a wonderful thing... I guess how does one feel to wake up one day and find a some one sleeping beside him... suddenly he realize its an innocent monkey ... and in his drowsiness he goes to the mirror to make sure he isn't one for sure.......

But I do like the idea of having beautiful and really not-so-friendly-animals ( unlike monkeys ) in the campus forest....

coming back to NITW....
A little about the college:
From what i have realized there are many great teacher over there.... I think a student should make use of them. I found the Andhra students to be very hard working people. The climate is quiet unpredictable but not in a very extreme way.... 
Many people from my batch tend to describe this college in very dry and sarcastic manner... But I 'm not so sure whether its just their habit or they find it intolerable... 

Well I can't blame if its solely because of the drastic heat and the hard working mosquitoes over there..... they may some time make you to think that sleeping in the darkness of night may not be a such a good idea after all....

During winter it could get quiet chilly in Warangal. In general the campus has beautiful landscape....
The most interesting and life-driving thing is its community.... and the people from the state are also very broad minded in accepting others from different states.....
One thing is sure.... you 'll find a friend for sure , whatever type of person you may be.