Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Some pics I took while I was at Hyderabad airport.

Me at the waiting lounge. All alone? ofcourse not there
is the photographer!

Infront of the "Hard Rock Bar".

Just the "Hard Rock Bar"

Well you might be asking what this has to do with Rajiv Gandhi Airport , Hyderabad, India. Just that the photo was taken from inside the waiting lounge where there is a "Hard Rock Bar" and these instruments are supposed to be used by "Hard Rock artists". I wonder if they are original. They have made a "Rock Museum" over there.

The begining one are from the band "Megadeth" . I'm not femiliar with such bands. Google it if you want.


Siddharth Agarwal said...

I guess you love the bar!

AbhI said...

your looks havent changed a bit :D

nice quote down there "nothing can be accomplished without enthusiasm"

_______--=(DEEPBLUEDIAMOND)=--_______ said...

haha thanks Siddarth...
No i don't love the "bar" nor "the Hard Rock" ... the place was just aesthetic , that's why choose besides there were no security officials over there.... u can't take photos inside airport! sometime they can trouble....

to Abhinav, thanks .... its not how u look matter , its how you live matters ,right?

AbhI said...

haha !! this was wen you were off to Jeddah ??? .. took the pics with your phone or ????