Thursday, December 4, 2008

"A Billion Hands - Join the fight against terrorism "

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus / Victoria Terminus (old name)

Mumbai water front: India Gate & Taj Mahal Hotel

If we have confident in ourselves and if we stand strong no country , organization or individual can create trouble for us. No terrorist will dare to enter our country. So what we need is unity and end all type of mistrust between ourselves.

We are 1BILLION+ population , its a big family, so there will be 1BILLION++ opinions.
But when it come to our family's integrity and security we should keep away our differences whether it be political , religious , caste or regional.
Politicians should stop "fishing in muddy water". They should keep the interest of the people at heart. And we should keep such unscrupulous scoundrel at bay. Such people where present when India struggled for independence and they will remain to exist. People should be able to recognize them and avoid their traps.

Under such situation, as we are in , we should identify our self as "Indian", nothing less , nothing more. We should always keep in mind ours' is a "unity in diversity". And should never forget the values and virtues that were taught to us by the father of our nation.
This is more familiar to Non Residential Indians. As we, outside our country, are nothing but Indians. We do not consider or care about the differences. We depend on our little Indian community for our social and personal life.

The reason why I thought of such a discussion was that i received a mail in my account.
It is here for everyone to read and promote all good cause.
Dear Friend,

It is time to act, and here we present a platform for change, a platform for us to come together and express some of the anger and anguish we felt over the last few days. Express some of the frustration and helplessness that we felt. And above all, a neutral platform for us to debate how each one of us can make a difference to this effect. Come, join hands at , an initiative from Network18 that pledges to root out terror. And to ensure that these horrors don't get lost in endless political debates, and eventually forgotten. Please help spread the word, forward this to all your friends, and your family. It'll also be nice if you can change your profile status to "I have joined ". Ian Anderson & Anoushka Shankar have graciously joined us in the movement against terror, and are holding a "Billion hands" concert 0n Dec 5th in Mumbai. You can buy tickets for the concert on the site. The proceeds of this will go directly to a charity.

Peace and Love

Let's hold our hands together and stand robust against the enemies of, our country and the humanity!


Ashley said...

Hey. Thank you so much for your comment. I agree with what you said. I should write even if I don't think there are many reading it.
You live in India? I was very upset to hear what has happened there recently. My mother's boss and one of her co-workers are from India. Both of them were recently in India for visitation and her boss said that he and his wife had JUST eaten in the restaurant in the hotel, I believe. He was overcome with disbelief.
On a happier note, my mom's other coworker brought back for my family traditional Indian clothing. I thought that was so cool. Usually he just brings us different types of foods or little trinkets. Even my step-dad liked wearing his outfit. Well, Thank you again for commenting on my blog! Hope to hear from you again. And I also enjoy your blog. - Ashley E :))

_______--=(DEEPBLUEDIAMOND)=--_______ said...

to Ashley,
Thanks for ur comment and nice to hear that you liked the blog.

Ya I'm from India and live there, atleast nowadays.
Every time of history we find some catastrophic elements in the world challenging the good in the people.
Like WWI,WWII , Hitler and so on.
I think the terrorism is the modern one. What we need here, understand it as a single element and not associate it with a country or race or religion.
Same as we can't blame germans for Hitler's deeds or Italians for Mossoulini's. We can't blame afghanis or pakistanis or muslims in general for the deeds of the advocates of hatred...

Ya Indian traditional wears are really nice, especially for ladies. I wonder which dress ur mom's coworker brought... Saree is the common one in India, it its the lady's dress...

That's interesting to know that ur step-dad like indian outfit. In India we are just the opposite , we like trying all the Western stuff and also people like me is more fascinated about eastern cultures like Chinese , Japanese and even Russian :-).